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Are education systems failing our children? Exploring a new model of education

Some claim that 'most children in school fail', that is they fail to develop their true potential. This presentation explores that claim and examines what can be done to remedy this fundamental problem, as well as, to restore moral and character development in our eduction system.

Dr. Brian O'Toole is an Educational Psychologist from the UK who has worked in Guyana for the past 42 years. He has helped to develop the School of Nations into a community of 4,300 students with tertiary degrees from Universities in the UK including Cambridge, London and Bedfordshire. He has served as a consultant with a range of UN agencies in 32 countries in the area of disability, integrated development, primary health care and literacy. He has written more than 40 articles in international journals. Brian is the Director of NURI a consultancy agency in Guyana that has won international contracts worth more than US$3 million.